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Daughters day

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Why National Daughters Day Holds Significance and Is Celebrated

Daughters Day is observed on the last Sunday of September, with this year’s date falling on September 24th.

“National Daughters Day in India: A Day of Empowerment and Appreciation”

National Daughters Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September, and this year, it falls on September 24, 2023. It serves as a poignant reminder of the gender disparities in India, as it stands as the only major country with a higher mortality rate for girls than boys. The sex ratio at birth is 900 girls for every 1000 boys, and tragically, 11 percent more girls in India succumb before reaching the age of five, compared to boys.

Given these alarming statistics, it is imperative to empower girls by investing in their well-being. National Daughter’s Day underscores the importance of providing girls with equal opportunities, including education, life skills, and participation in sports, among other avenues.


National Daughter’s Day in India can be traced back to its inception in 2007. In a society where sons have traditionally been revered for centuries, daughters have often been marginalized. This day was established with the noble purpose of encouraging parents to express their heartfelt appreciation for their daughters.

In certain cultures, daughters have been viewed as burdens rather than blessings. National Daughter’s Day seeks to alter this narrative by urging mothers and fathers to acknowledge the extraordinary gift their daughters represent.


The significance of National Daughters Day is rooted in the changing times we live in. It is a day dedicated to joyfully celebrating the presence of daughters in our lives. Falling on a Sunday, it provides an opportunity for parents and daughters to share quality time, cherish one another, and engage in meaningful conversations about their personal lives. It is a day for sharing, caring, and strengthening the precious bond between parents and daughters.

Wishes and Messages for Daughters Day:

  1. “The best thing you will ever wear around your neck is the warm hug of your daughter.”
  2. “Even as she grows, a daughter forever holds a special place in your heart.”
  3. “Counting my blessings, I find you twice – our wonderful daughter, a true gift in our lives.”
  4. “A daughter brings happy memories, joy in the moment, and hope for the future.”
  5. “A daughter is like a lifelong friend, a gift from God.”