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What you need to know when buying a pre loved electric

What you need to know when buying a pre-loved electric car

What you need to know when buying a pre loved electric

Auto Trader is Britain’s biggest automotive marketplace, and its unrivalled and accessible knowledge is here to help you when buying, selling or just thinking about an electric vehicle (EV).

It can bring clarity to every aspect of new and pre-loved electric car ownership, and for more and more people, Auto Trader is helping to spark a journey to electric motoring.

Huge choice

More than 20,000 pre-loved electric cars, with models retailing from under £5,000, are available on the site. It usually has around three times more battery-powered cars than its nearest competitors.

On any given day you can access more than 80 per cent of the UK’s automotive retailers – around 30,000 sites – in one place. These rub shoulders with thousands of private sellers who also value Auto Trader’s popularity.

Invaluable guidance

Auto Trader offers dealer discount alerts on new cars, price indicators to help you understand what is a fair buying price, comparable charge times across all makes and electric models, dealer reviews and basic history checks.

Ready to make your electric dreams come true? Explore Auto Trader’s electric hub at

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