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Varun Sood I would love to work with Rasha

Varun Sood: I would love to work with Rasha

Actor Varun Sood is happy he could manage to break the stereotype of being a reality star and prove his acting chops with his latest web series Karmma Calling.

Varun Sood is currently seen in Karmma Calling.(Instagram/@varunsood12)
Varun Sood is currently seen in Karmma Calling.(Instagram/@varunsood12)

In a chat with us, Sood opened up about how the audience’s perception towards him was changing. “Because I started off as a reality guy and a VJ, the transition had to be very evident. I gave myself two years of not being on camera at all, so that the next time people see me in Karmma Calling, they can say ‘oh he’s an actor now, he’s acting!’”, Sood said.

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The 28-year-old revealed that he has two more projects lined up in the fiction space. “I can just be honest in my work and hope that people love me for being an actor now,” he added.

Sood made appearances in films Jug Jugg Jeeyo and Selfiee, and web series Ragini MMS Returns. He plays the son of Bollywood icon Raveena Tandon in Karmma Calling.

Calling actors Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and his latest co-star Raveena Tandon, his inspiration, Sood opined how good looking actors can be great at their craft too.

“A person can be very good looking, and you cannot watch them onscreen for two minutes. The fact that they become so endearing onscreen is because they know their craft really well. I’m hopefully on that path,” Sood said.

Born to a father who was in the Indian army, Sood has spent a long time in Delhi. He doesn’t refrain from calling himself a Delhi-boy, who likes to live a simple life. However, according to him, fame does take a toll on one’s private life. So is he juggling between maintaining a balance?

He recalls how during his reality TV stint, a lot of things about his personal life came out which he didn’t want to. “Not blaming anyone, it just happened. I’m not liable to put my personal life out there. But, right now I’m at peace with my audience. I have enough space where I can protect my private life. I think the audience is also accepting that,” he shared.

On being asked whether he was single, he nudged it by stating, “I’m happy to be married to my work.”

Sood, however did have a word about Tandon’s daughter Rasha, who would visit the sets of Karmma Calling where the two would spend time together. “Rasha is a fun person and I would love to work with her,” he ended.

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