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The Newest Kindle Paperwhite Is 32 Off for October Prime

The Newest Kindle Paperwhite Is 32% Off for October Prime Day

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Image: Product image courtesy of Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days are here, and while everything from Pelotons, to laptops are discounted, the best Prime Day deals are always on Amazon’s own devices. This October, it’s no different: Right now, you can get the latest Kindle Paperwhite for $94.99 (normally $139.99)—the cheapest price it’s been all year and the best deal among all of the Kindle e-readers currently discounted for Prime Big Deal Days.

This Kindle Paperwhite is the 8 GB version of the black and white e-reader. It includes ads and doesn’t come with a trial of Kindle Unlimited, though you can modify those options and still get a good discount (for example, you can double your memory to 16 GB for just $5 more). Keep in mind that unless you plan to upload audiobooks to your Paperwhite, 8 GB will be enough for most people, since that will hold over 3,000 books.

The biggest selling point for me is the improved battery life on this model. I bought one back when it was released in 2021 and I can count the times I’ve charged it on my hands. The battery delivers an impressive 10 weeks of reading time, depending on your brightness and other settings. I love the feature that allows you to schedule the shade of the screen to warmer light and use it with dark mode simultaneously, allowing me to read in bed without disturbing my partner and giving my eyes a break from blue light. The antiglare screen has also come in handy when reading outdoors. It is also rated IPX8, which means it’s no big deal if it gets wet if you like to read in the tub.

If waterproofing and the temperature-adjustable light aren’t a big deal to you, you can save $20 and pick up the standard Kindle for $75.

I never buy my Kindles without a cover. Currently, there are bundles on sale for Prime Big Deal Days as well. For example, you can get the 16 GB Paperwhite with the official case and a power adapter for $130.97 (down from $204.97). Official Kindle cases usually go for $35, which is on par with th eprice of the bundle, but you’ll get the power adapter too, if you need it.

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