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Temptation Island Indias Vaibhav Gandhi I know Elvish Yadav

Temptation Island India’s Vaibhav Gandhi: I know Elvish Yadav | Web Series

The first-ever season of Temptation Island India: Pyaar Ki Pariksha has kicked off on Jio Cinema. The latest tempter to join the love villa is YouTuber Vaibhav Gandhi aka Jimmy. Vaibhav is confident and excited about his entry into the game, he told Hindustan Times. Also read: Abhishek Malhan to enter Temptation Island India

Temptation Island India stars Vaibhav Gandhi aka Jimmy.
Temptation Island India stars Vaibhav Gandhi aka Jimmy.

Vaibhav said, “This is my first reality show and I am very excited. I have never seen a dating reality show before. I just got a call and packed my bags for Mumbai. One day before my flight, I sat and watched only one season of Temptation Island (US version).”

“I have signed the contract and everything. I can’t do anything about it but I just watched to figure out what I have to do. It helped me. I got an idea of what the show is about. At least I got to know what it is. I will figure out the rest.”

This year’s theme is Pyaar Ki Pariksha (the ultimate test of love). Reflecting on the same, Vaibhav said, “I don’t have much knowledge about love but I can’t tell you what can you expect from the show. After spending 40-42 days, the committed ones will find out who is best for them. Singles like me might end up finding someone else.”

Vaibhav, after declaring himself single, revealed his parents’ reaction to Temptation Island India. He said, “I have told them that I am going on a vacation. My family is least bothered about work; Only my mom cares. She was like ‘Do you want to do it? Are you ok with it? Then do it’.”

Vaibhav will be competing against Bigg Boss winner Elvish Yadav and many others on the show. Turns out both the YouTubers are from Gurugram. In fact, Vaibhav is his neighbour. He shared, “Elvish’s house is 1-2 km away from my house. I know him.”

Vaibhav Gandhi meets Abhishek Malhan on Temptation Island India.
Vaibhav Gandhi meets Abhishek Malhan on Temptation Island India.

Not only Elvish but even Vaibhav shares a close bond with Abhishek Malhan. Abhishek recently joined him on the show and both shared a warm hug.

Despite the fierce competition, Vaibhav doesn’t feel the pressure to prove himself. “Not that I am pressurised but I am so happy to get such an opportunity. I hope to take my community a level up. My two brothers–Abhishek and Elvish have done it already,” he responded to the last question.

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