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Singles Inferno 3s Gwan Hee denies dating Hye Seon faces

Singles Inferno 3’s Gwan Hee denies dating Hye Seon, faces backlash: ‘We are not | Web Series

Hearts on Single’s Inferno 3 are facing the cold reality of off-screen life, as fan-favorite couple Gwan Hee and Hye Seon have officially doused the flames of romance. Gwan Hee, breaking his silence on their post-show status, recently confirmed what many viewers suspected: “We are not a couple.” The professional basketball player, who instantly became the talk of the entire Inferno and remained confused throughout the season until leaving with science student Hye Seon, has sparked mixed fan reactions after confessing to not dating her.

Hye Seon and Gwan Hee from Single's Inferno Season 3 (Netflix)
Hye Seon and Gwan Hee from Single’s Inferno Season 3 (Netflix)

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Lee Gwan Hee opens up about not dating Choi Hye Seon

Shortly after Choi Hye Seon announced a social media hiatus due to feeling pressured, Lee Gwan Hee posted a video addressing dating rumors with the Singles Inferno contestant. He straightforwardly clarified that they were not dating. He said, “First of all, I want to tell you that we are not a couple. To be honest, right after the broadcast, we kept in contact and saw each other during work get-togethers, but I need to be in a relationship where I can meet the person every day.”

It turned out the reason was as fans expected: a long-distance relationship. Hye Seon had previously mentioned her plan to pursue higher studies in England.

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Gwan Hee added “Realistically, Hye Seon will need to go to England soon, and I need to move back to Changwon and focus on my training, so I didn’t think we could be a couple. So we naturally became a relationship where we just ask after each other from time to time.”

Refuting all the rumours about him gifting her flowers on birthday he said, “I’ve actually never been to that florist, and I never gave her flowers.”

Singles Inferno faces fans backlash

After confessions from both sides, with Choi Hye Seon’s candid responses and Lee Gwan Hee’s direct confession, fans have decided to stop watching the dating show, considering it unrealistic. They expressed disappointment over no couples lasting in real life and suggested renaming the show to focus on friendships instead of finding love.

Choi Hye Seon announces social media break

Before Lee Gwan Hee’s confession, Hye Seon appeared with fellow contestant Son Won Ik. Fans were displeased with what they perceived as ‘flirting,’ especially after believing Hye Seon was dating Lee Gwan Hee in real life when they walked out of Inferno hand in hand. In the video, she discussed having the best chemistry with him, sparking anger among fans.

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