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Oh Jung Ses agency breaks silence after his car accident

Oh Jung Se’s agency breaks silence after his car accident left a person dead | Web Series

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay fame actor Oh Jung Se has landed in a controversy over his involvement in a recent car accident in Geumsan-gun of Chungcheong province, South Korea. It happened as the actor was travelling in his car with his staff and his vehicle collided with a cultivator on the road. The accident killed a man in his 60s while severely injuring his wife. Also read: Must-watch upcoming K-dramas in October

Oh Jung Se was involved in a fatal accident in South Korea.
Oh Jung Se was involved in a fatal accident in South Korea.

Oh Jung Se’s agency on car accident

Breaking the silence on the matter, Oh Jung Se’s agency Prain TPC released an official statement. The actor is in touch with the victim’s family.

The official statement read, as per Soompi, “After hearing the news of our company car’s accident on October 18, the CEO and other employees went down to the site of the accident. The driver of the car who got into the accident was investigated by the police, and actor Oh Jung Se, who was a passenger in the car, was examined and treated at the hospital. We listened to what the driver had to say, and we looked into the accident in a variety of ways, such as checking video footage from the time of the accident. Without grasping the severity of the accident, our desire to quickly take the proper measures was futile, and one person passed away from the accident. After that, we prioritized the victim above all other matters.”

The agency further urged people to not focus on the actor in the incident and said, “We do not think it is respectful to the deceased to focus on the actor who was a passenger in the news of this accident, and the [bereaved] family is said to be emotionally suffering even more because of that.

“We have also decided that our actor, who was a passenger in this incident, should not be our focus in discussing this matter. However, because the driver was an employee of our company and this incident occurred while he was on the job, we plan to diligently take part in whatever legal responsibility is determined after investigations reveal whether there was negligence and to what degree, and if necessary, we will take even more responsibility. We think we will have to wait until the investigations are complete to release our agency’s official statement [on the matter].”

“Instead, right now is a time when we should be focusing our time and emotions on comforting the victim and the bereaved family, and that is what we are currently doing. Our actor is participating in that process as well,” the agency reassured.

Talking about misinformation regarding the matter on the internet, the agency urged people to not fall for rumours. They have said that they will be commenting on the matter once the ongoing probe is over.

Oh Jung Se suffered mild bruises

As per a report of Soompi, Oh Jung Se was in the passenger seat when the accident took place. His staff was driving the vehicle when it struck a cultivator.

The driver of the cultivator, a man in his 60s, was immediately rushed to a hospital nearby where he died. His wife who was also riding the cultivator, was seriously injured. On the other hand, Oh Jung Se was reported to be suffering from mild bruises and was sent home from the hospital. His driver was also mildly injured.

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