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My Demon Ep 13-14 review: Is Song Kang behind Kim Yoo Jung’s parents’ accident? | Web Series

Name: My Demon

My Demon Ep 13-14 review(Netflix)
My Demon Ep 13-14 review(Netflix)

Cast: Kim Yoo Jung, Song Kang, Lee Sang Yi, Kim Hae Sook, and more

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Airing date: 24th November

Streaming platforms: Netflix, SBS

Director: Kim Jang Han Kwon Da Som

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Number of episodes: 16 (airs every Friday-Saturday)

My Demon plot

Starring Song Kang as Jung Gu Won and Kim Yoo Jung as Do Do Hee, My Demon unfolds as a supernatural romantic drama. The storyline follows a 200-year-old demon who, despite finding humans insignificant and disliking them, unexpectedly falls in love with Do Do Hee, a wealthy and cold-hearted CEO. Do Do Hee, an heiress who lost her parents early on, is welcomed by her parents’ close friend Ju Cheon Suk, played by Kim Hae Sook. When Jung Gu Won encounters Do Do Hee, an unexpected turn of events unfolds, causing him to lose all his power to her. Their unconventional situation leads to a contract marriage.

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My Demon Ep 13-14 review

Both Jung Gu Won and Do Do Hee work tirelessly day and night to uncover the truth behind Ms. Ju’s murder, with suspicions pointing towards Ms. Ju’s elder son, Noah Seok Min. However, when Do Do Hee confronts him, she learns something unexpected. Noah Seok Min reveals that Madam Ju killed her parents, and to atone for her sins, she frequently visited the church to confess. Simultaneously, Jung Gu Won manages to persuade Kim Sa Ra, Noah Seok Min’s wife, to confess to the police that Noah Seok Min killed his own mother, and she agrees. In a dramatic turn of events, Noah Seok Min, on the brink of losing everything, jumps off a tower in the presence of Jung Gu Won and Do Do Hee.

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The following day, Do Do Hee visits the church to investigate Madam Ju’s confession, only to discover that she witnessed a devil on the night of the accident and confessed it at the church. The priest reveals to Do Do Hee that Jung Gu Won was the devil witnessed by Madam Ju that night, and he made a deal with her parents, leading to their demise. Devastated, Do Do Hee attempts to uncover the truth but ends up witnessing her husband in his true demonic form.

Did Jung Gu Won kill Do Do Hee’s parents?

Episode 14 of My Demon concluded with Song Kang leaving Kim Yoo Jung before Christmas, leaving her in tears. However, it appears that Song Kang’s character might not be the sole reason behind Kim Yoo Jung’s character’s parents’ death. It seems the demon made a deal with her parents long ago to protect Do Do Hee’s life. Fans also noted that the unresolved mystery of Noah Seok Min’s missing body is poised to reveal more layers in the storyline.

Has Do Do Hee lost Jung Gu Won for good?

Although the episode left fans on a cliffhanger, they need not be disappointed, as two more episodes remain before reaching the finale. Many misunderstandings between the leads are yet to be resolved, and the true villain responsible for Do Do Hee’s parents’ death is still to be uncovered. While fans might feel a bit disappointed, there’s reason to cheer up, as it seems the series is heading towards a happy ending.

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