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Marry My Husband explodes in ratings with BoAs villainous entry

Marry My Husband explodes in ratings with BoA’s villainous entry | Web Series

The viewership ratings for Marry My Husband, featuring the talented Park Min Young, skyrocketed to record highs after the latest episode premiere. Fans were on the edge of their seats during the thrilling moment when the lead female was about to seek revenge for her death. However, the plot has taken an exciting turn with the entrance of BoA as the new villain. This unexpected twist has turned out to be a game-changer, sending viewership ratings soaring into double digits.

Marry My Husband's Viewership Ratings Soar with Unexpected Plot Twist(Courtesy of BoA's Instagram, tvN)
Marry My Husband’s Viewership Ratings Soar with Unexpected Plot Twist(Courtesy of BoA’s Instagram, tvN)

Marry My Husband ratings break into double-digit

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As per Nielsen Korea, the Monday-Tuesday K-drama, simultaneously broadcasted on tvN and Prime Video on February 5, achieved an average nationwide viewership rating of 11.8 percent. This sets a new personal best score and is a noteworthy 1.1 percent gain over its previous episode. Last week the show recorded an average viewership rating of 10.7%. Furthermore, the program remains a popular choice for viewers worldwide on Prime Video.

BoA’s role in Marry My Husband

Bo Ah, who goes by BoA, is a well-known singer, composer, dancer, and actor from South Korea. She is paired with Na In-woo as her fiancée and powerful adversary in Marry My Husband, where she plays Oh Yu Ra. BoA’s inclusion in the cast, along with the unforeseen plot twists, has undeniably played a significant role in the show’s resurgence in viewership.

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Marry My Husband development till now

As the show nears its conclusion, the latest episode showcased Yoo Ji Hyuk (played by Na In Woo) and Kang Ji Won (played by Park Min Young) officially affirming their relationship with a heartfelt kiss. Simultaneously, Park Min Hwan (played by Lee Yi Kyung) and Jung Su Min (played by Song Ha Yoon) exchanged vows, bringing a sense of fulfillment to Park Min Young’s character. She can now find solace, having successfully altered her destiny, escaping the agony of cancer and her husband’s betrayal.

Love Song for Illusion struggles with ratings

During the same time slot, Love Song for Illusion, a K-drama on KBS2, received an average nationwide rating of 2.1 percent. This represents a positive uptick from the 1.7 percent rating it received for its previous episode.

The Naver webtoon Love Song for Illusion by Vanziun served as the inspiration for the series, which stars Park Ji Hoon, Hong Ye Ji, Hwang Hee, and Ji Woo in key roles. The plot centers around a man with conflicting personalities and a woman with a mysterious and turbulent past, as they engage in a passionate obsession and romantic relationship.

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