Monday, July 22
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Jio Bharat phone introduced by Reliance Jio at an affordable price of Rs 999

Reliance Jio has unveiled the Jio Bharat device, a feature phone specifically developed to enable the transition from 2G to 4G networks in India. This cost-effective phone boasts a 1.77-inch screen, Jio apps for entertainment and digital payments, a torch, a radio, a 0.3MP camera, expandable storage, and a headphone jack. Its primary objective is to offer internet-enabled mobile phones to a broader spectrum of users. By doing so, Reliance Jio aspires to bridge the digital divide and foster a digitally connected India.

Reliance Jio has taken a significant stride towards accelerating the nationwide shift from 2G to 4G networks by introducing the revolutionary Jio Bharat device at an affordable price of Rs 999. This groundbreaking feature phone aims to provide accessible and economical access to the superior Jio 4G network for customers who are still reliant on 2G technology.

In line with Reliance Jio’s vision of achieving a “2G Mukt Bharat” (2G-free India), the Jio Bharat device combines advanced network capabilities with feature-rich devices, making internet-enabled phones within reach of the masses. The company has announced that the beta trial for the first million Jio Bharat phones will commence on July 7, as stated in their press release.

The Jio Bharat device holds a significant position in Reliance Jio’s efforts to bridge the digital divide in India. It comes bundled with an attractively priced Rs 123 plan that offers 14GB of data (0.5GB per day) for a duration of 28 days, surpassing competitors by seven times. Additionally, the same plan is available at an annual cost of Rs 1,234, providing users with a total of 168GB of data (0.5GB per day).

Reliance Jio Chairman, Akash Ambani, emphasized the importance of this innovation, stating, “There are still 250 million mobile phone users in India who remain ‘trapped’ in the 2G era, unable to tap into basic features of the internet at a time when the world stands at the cusp of a 5G revolution. The new Jio Bharat phone is another step in that direction.”

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Upon unboxing the Jio Bharat device, users will immediately notice its compact design and a 1.77-inch QVGA TFT screen. The package conveniently includes a removable 1000mAh battery. It’s worth noting that the device is locked to Jio SIM cards, necessitating the insertion of a Jio SIM before use.

Once powered on, users will find three pre-installed Jio apps in the device’s menu. The first is JioCinema, offering a wide range of uninterrupted entertainment, including the latest web series, blockbuster movies, HBO Originals, sports content, and TV shows. The second app is JioSaavn, India’s leading free music app, providing access to an extensive and exclusive music library. Finally, the device features JioPay, a UPI-based digital payments app.

The Jio Bharat device also includes practical features such as a bright torch and a radio, making it particularly useful in remote and rural areas. It is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing users to connect earphones for content consumption or music listening. For capturing memories, the device is equipped with a 0.3MP camera. Furthermore, users can expand the device’s storage capacity by inserting an SD card of up to 128GB.

The launch of Jio Bharat comes at a crucial time when competitors are raising 2G tariffs and affordable feature phones are scarce in the market. Reliance Jio’s offering arrives at the perfect moment to expedite the transition from 2G to 4G, empowering a wide range of users with transformative digital experiences.