Monday, July 22
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Photo | Reuters

Israel Declares “Total Blockade” on Gaza Following War, Death Toll Reaches 1,300

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced a “total blockade” on the besieged enclave, leaving its 2.3 million residents with “no access to electricity, food, water, or gas – everything is cut off,” he stated.

In the unfolding events of the conflict:

  1. Israeli Army Regains Control: After two days of rocket strikes, Israel’s military announced the regaining of control in southern areas near the Gaza Strip, previously taken over by Hamas.
  2. Current Death Toll: The conflict has resulted in a significant loss of life. Israel has reported over 800 casualties, while Palestinian officials stated that Israel’s air strikes in Gaza have led to 560 fatalities. Additionally, nine U.S. citizens have been confirmed dead.
  3. Imposition of Complete Siege: Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant declared a “complete siege” on the long-blockaded Gaza enclave, leaving its 2.3 million residents without access to electricity, food, water, or gas.
  4. Anticipating Ground Attack: Palestinians in Gaza are preparing for a potential Israeli ground attack, with the objective of defeating Hamas and liberating hostages, numbering at least 100.
  5. Intense Aerial Assault: On the third day of the war, Gaza’s skies were filled with smoke as fighter jets conducted airstrikes. Despite this, Hamas continued to launch rockets, reaching as far as Jerusalem, where air raid sirens sounded, and explosions reverberated.
  6. Israeli Military Operations: Israeli Defense Forces conducted a widespread military operation, targeting over 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist sites in the Gaza Strip, using fighter jets, helicopters, aircraft, and artillery.
  7. Prime Minister’s Warning: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a warning to Gaza civilians, urging them to distance themselves from all Hamas sites, which he vowed to demolish.
  8. Hamas Incursion and Abductions: Over 1,000 Hamas troops breached the Gaza border fence, infiltrating nearby Jewish communities. Gunmen went from house to house, either attacking residents or abducting them back into Gaza. Hostages included children and even a Holocaust survivor in a wheelchair, leaving the nation in shock and drawing comparisons to 9/11.
  9. Multi-Front Threat: Israel now faces the threat of a multi-front war, with Iran-backed Hezbollah launching guided missiles and artillery shells in solidarity with Hamas, escalating the tensions further.