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Exclusive Sung Hoon on Perfect Marriage Revenge and love for

Exclusive: Sung Hoon on Perfect Marriage Revenge and love for Indian curry | Web Series

It may be a tried and tested trope in K-dramas, but we never tire of it. I’m talking about contract relationships! The push and pull between a couple who agree to fulfill their agendas and vested interests, only to have the tables turned on them when the fake turns into something real.

Sung Hoon will be seen in Perfect Marriage Revenge.
Sung Hoon will be seen in Perfect Marriage Revenge.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Perfect Marriage Revenge follows the story of Han Yi Joo (Jung Yoo Min) who has not only had a loveless upbringing from her parents but is also married to a man who does not love her. She is devastated to know that the woman her husband is attracted to is none other than her sister.

A twist in fate leads Yi Joo to right the wrongs in her life. She enters into a contract marriage with a man named Seo Do Guk (Sung Hoon) the heir to a vast fortune and to settle scores with her husband and family.

In an exclusive interview with The Hindustan Times actor Sung Hoon spoke about his reasons for coming on board Perfect Marriage Revenge.

Though the story is about his character aligning with Yi Joo in her plans for retribution, he says, “My character is aware that Yi Joo is driven by several impulses, and he tries to help her get back on the right path. Seo Do Guk’s character is quite different from Yi Joo’s, but he is willing to adjust everything for her. Even the things he doesn’t understand, he strives to understand as he comes to love her.”

He further adds that the story blends in an interesting narrative of each character’s arc and their circumstances, which is bound to have the viewers invested in the story.

A swimming champion, until an injury made him give up the sport, Sung Hoon started as a model before breaking out as an actor. His breakthrough role came in the supernatural romance drama New Tales Of Gisaeng in 2011. From playing the antagonist in Faith (2012), a professional MMA fighter in the rom-com Oh! My Venus to the rich heir in the mini-series Noble My Love (2015). It was his turn as the model turned professional golfer in Five Enough ( 2016) and as the heir to a fortune in romantic comedy My Secret Romance that bumped his popularity.

He played a cold and aloof CEO in Level Up (2019), a lawyer caught in a loveless marriage in Love (ft: Marriage Divorce in 2021) and an accidental father in Woori The Virgin (2022). With several stints in mainstream as well as independent films and shows, he says his process is that of a keen observer.

“While taking on various roles, I always make an effort to understand and express the occupational traits that the character possesses. Every piece of work is a huge challenge for me. I always strive to do my best under any given circumstances. For me, learning means working together with colleagues, both seniors and juniors, as well as fellow actors, actresses and the production staff, to learn from each of them. I’m always eager to find out my shortcomings by observing those people around me to improve myself and learning from them.”

When asked what’s the first thing that draws him to a project, is it the story, the character or the director, his answer is clear. “I don’t want to pinpoint and proceed with just one reason to choose a project; I believe embracing everything you mentioned is the best answer. If I had to set an order among them, I would start by reading the story, wouldn’t I? After all, the beginning of any project starts with some story itself”.

The 40-year-old star wears many hats, he is also a DJ and singer. So how does he balance his many careers? He responds with a laugh, “Rather than balance, acting and work are my priorities. DJing started as a hobby, and I like listening to music, so I do it whenever I have time.”

Looking for roles that would allow him to embrace and showcase new facets of himself, Sung Hoon says if he were to describe himself as an actor in one word, would be “pure youth”.

Given the popularity and exponential viewership of K-dramas in India, Sung Hoon reveals he is a fan of Indian movies and curry. “If you invite me anytime, I will come running. I know some of the movies, and I like curry,” he signs off with a broad smile. Perfect Marriage Revenge drops on October 28 and is available on Viki.

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