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Darksiders, created by Vigil Games and published by THQ, is an action-packed hack and slash video game, encompassing elements of adventure. Drawing inspiration from the biblical Book of Revelation’s apocalypse and the epic battle of armageddon, players assume the persona of “War,” among the four formidable horsemen of the apocalypse.

Darksiders made its initial debut on January 5, 2010, captivating audiences across North America and numerous other countries. Shortly after, on January 7, the game’s excitement reached Australia and New Zealand. The following day, January 8, Darksiders became available in the UK and continental Europe. In Japan, it was released under the title “Darksiders: Shinpan no Toki” on a separate date


Tricked by the malevolent forces of evil, War, the esteemed first Horseman of the Apocalypse, finds himself unwittingly triggering the untimely apocalypse, thus facing grave accusations of violating sacred law by instigating a cataclysmic war between Heaven and Hell. Amidst the ensuing chaos and bloodshed, the demonic hordes emerged victorious, conquering the heavenly hosts and asserting dominion over the Earth.

In Darksiders, players embark on an epic journey by assuming the role of War, one of the revered Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. Following a premature apocalypse that ravaged the Earth, War is held responsible by the formidable Charred Council for igniting the catastrophic event. As punishment, he faces imminent destruction. However, War strikes a daring deal with the Council, agreeing to return to Earth in search of those accountable for the catastrophe, albeit under the watchful eye of The Watcher, to whom he is bound.

Trapped in an unending conflict between celestial beings and malevolent demons, a staggering 100 years have elapsed, leaving Earth vastly transformed from its former state. War finds himself severely weakened, having lost much of his formidable power, including his trusty steed, Ruin. Now, his primary mission is to locate his fellow Horsemen and unearth the truth about who misled them into triggering the ultimate battle that led to Earth’s destruction.

The unfolding tale introduces players to a myriad of characters, from heavenly angels to wicked demons, as War navigates the treacherous terrain of this otherworldly conflict, striving to restore balance and seek redemption for the untimely apocalypse.

Protagonists : War

War is indeed the protagonist of the original Darksiders game and also one of the two protagonists in Darksiders Genesis. As the youngest of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a Nephilim, War is a powerful and formidable warrior, representing the embodiment of conflict.

In the storyline of Darksiders, War is framed by Abaddon, another character in the game, for triggering the Apocalypse prematurely. Due to this false accusation, the mighty Charred Council, a powerful entity overseeing the balance between Heaven and Hell, imprisons War for over a century as punishment.

Upon his eventual release, War sets out on a compelling journey to seek justice and clear his name. He ventures into the post-apocalyptic remains of Earth, confronting various challenges, adversaries, and puzzles throughout his quest. As players control War, they witness his determination to unravel the truth behind the events that transpired, ultimately aiming to restore balance and righteousness to the world.

In Darksiders Genesis, which serves as a prequel to the original game, players also take on the role of War, this time accompanied by Strife, another Horseman. Together, they embark on a new adventure, exploring the beginnings of the apocalypse and facing unique trials and battles.

Throughout both games, War’s character exhibits a strong sense of duty, honor, and a desire for justice, making him a compelling and central figure in the Darksiders series.


Darksiders is an engaging action-adventure game that skillfully balances combat and puzzle-solving/platforming elements. As the protagonist, War embarks on a thrilling journey filled with both intense battles and mind-bending puzzles.

Throughout the game, War gradually regains his lost powers, which plays a pivotal role in his quest to restore balance and seek justice. Alongside his mighty combat abilities, War is accompanied by his loyal horse, Ruin, providing him with essential mobility and access to various parts of the world that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

The powers and the aid of his trusty horse become instrumental in exploring the vast and intricate game world. Certain areas are locked to War initially, but as he recovers his abilities, he gains the means to unlock these hidden regions and unveil new challenges and rewards.

War’s actions in combat also contribute to the accumulation of a wrath meter. As this meter fills up during battles, it grants War access to powered-up attacks and special moves, empowering him further in his fight against the forces of darkness.

The game’s setting includes both underground environments, where puzzles play a significant role, and expansive above-ground areas, allowing for free-roaming exploration. This diversity in the game’s locations adds depth and variety to the gameplay experience, offering a mix of intense action sequences and thought-provoking puzzle-solving scenarios.

With its compelling blend of action, adventure, combat, and puzzles, Darksiders immerses players in an epic and enthralling gaming experience, as they accompany War on his quest to redeem himself and unravel the truth behind the apocalypse.

Darksiders, despite early comparisons to games like God of War and Devil May Cry for its captivating combo-based sword combat, holds its uniqueness with influences drawn from various other games. Joe Madureira, the designer, likens the game more to The Legend of Zelda, primarily due to its open-world hub-and-dungeon structure and emphasis on puzzle-solving, which also includes minor platforming elements.

The game incorporates a compelling mix of exploration and combat, akin to the adventure and puzzle-solving aspects seen in The Legend of Zelda series. This open-world hub-and-dungeon approach allows players to roam freely, uncover secrets, and venture into diverse and challenging dungeons.

Additionally, Darksiders draws inspiration from other well-known games. Elements from Panzer Dragoon and World of Warcraft can be seen, influencing the game’s visual style, world-building, and immersive environments. Meanwhile, God of War’s intense combat mechanics may have played a role in shaping the game’s exciting combo-based sword fighting.

Furthermore, elements from Portal have likely inspired the inclusion of puzzles and innovative mechanics within the game world, adding a layer of intellectual challenge to the overall experience.

Overall, Darksiders creatively blends influences from various renowned titles, forging its path and delivering a unique and captivating gaming adventure.


Darksiders garnered widespread acclaim from reviewers, who lauded several aspects of the game. Its strong points included well-balanced pacing, enjoyable gameplay, diverse selection of weapons and items, and a richly crafted world to explore. The art style and skillful use of vibrant colors, even in a post-apocalyptic setting, were particularly praised for adding visual allure to the game.

However, there were some mixed opinions regarding the game’s difficulty. While many found the level of challenge to be appropriate and engaging, some reviewers felt it was too easy, while others found it overly difficult. The varying difficulty preferences resulted in a range of opinions on this aspect.

Reviewers also pointed out some shortcomings in Darksiders. The presence of graphical glitches and performance issues were among the criticized aspects, as they could hinder the overall gaming experience.

Additionally, some reviewers expressed concerns about the game’s control scheme, finding it complicated or challenging to master. Furthermore, the absence of cooperative, game-plus, or multiplayer modes left some players wishing for more diverse and social gaming experiences.

Despite these minor criticisms, the game’s positive attributes ultimately overshadowed its shortcomings, leading to a predominantly favorable reception from the gaming community. Darksiders succeeded in delivering an engaging and visually appealing action-adventure experience, becoming a beloved title among fans of the genre.