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Darksiders II

               Death Lives.

 the slogan for Darksiders II


Darksiders II stands as the second captivating installment in the renowned Darksiders series, skillfully crafted by Vigil Games. Published by THQ, this action-packed game made its debut on August 14th, 2012, captivating audiences across North America. Serving as a parallel sequel to its predecessor, Darksiders II takes players on an enthralling journey through an epic and darkly imaginative world.


Awakened by the cataclysmic End of Days, Death, the dreaded and formidable member of the legendary Four Horsemen, embarks on a momentous quest. His purpose is twofold: to bring about the restoration of mankind and to redeem the tarnished name of his brother, War, who has been wrongly accused.

Throughout his perilous journey, Death comes to realize that the impending earthly Apocalypse is merely the beginning of the challenges he must face. As he delves deeper into the intricate web of events, he uncovers a haunting truth – there are forces far more sinister and malevolent than a mere mortal Armageddon. These dark forces harbor an ancient grudge that poses a grave threat to the very fabric of Creation itself.

In the face of overwhelming odds, Death must summon all of his strength, cunning, and resolve to overcome the malevolence that looms before him. The fate of mankind and the delicate balance of existence rest heavily on his shoulders, as he ventures into the heart of darkness to confront the ominous ancient grudge and safeguard all of Creation.

Protagonist : Death

The description provided pertains to Death, the central protagonist in the Darksiders II game. As the leader and most potent of the Four Horsemen, Death commands great respect and awe within the Darksiders universe. Being the eldest among the Nephilim and the mightiest survivor after the annihilation of their brethren, he possesses unparalleled strength and prowess.

Carrying out the grim task of exterminating the rest of their kind upon the Charred Council’s command, Death’s reputation as a fearsome and formidable figure spreads throughout the realms. Among the Four Horsemen, he holds a position of unparalleled respect and trepidation, making him the most feared of them all. His character is central to the compelling narrative of the Darksiders series, and players witness his journey as he seeks to redeem his brother War’s name and restore balance to the world.


In a revealing interview with GameAxis, THQ’s creative director, Luis Gigliotti, shared exciting news about the future of Darksiders. He disclosed that Darksiders is set to become a full-fledged franchise, hinting at the possibility of a sequel in the works. As the team contemplates the next installment, Gigliotti mentioned the potential inclusion of a multiplayer component, promising an even more immersive gaming experience.

In this sequel, players can anticipate the thrilling addition of the other three horsemen, who will join forces with War, the protagonist of the original game. Alternatively, there might be the introduction of a completely new character, adding a fresh and intriguing dimension to the franchise. The possibilities are expansive, and fans can look forward to an epic continuation of the Darksiders saga, promising captivating gameplay and a deeper exploration of the richly crafted world.

According to Joystiq, a reputable gaming news outlet, a Darksiders sequel was indeed planned for the fiscal year of 2012. This exciting announcement would have likely generated considerable anticipation among fans of the franchise, as they eagerly awaited the continuation of the gripping Darksiders storyline. However, it’s essential to note that development timelines and plans in the gaming industry can sometimes shift, so it’s possible that the sequel’s release may have been delayed or altered from the initial projection. Regardless, the prospect of a new Darksiders installment would have undoubtedly stirred up excitement among players eager for more of the thrilling action and adventure the series is known for.

Thank you for the additional information. It’s evident that Darksiders II was highly anticipated for a 2012 release, as confirmed by the Official Xbox Magazine and the announcements made at E3 2011 and San Diego Comic Con.

The game’s initial release date was set for June 2012, specifically June 26th. Exciting news came from the San Diego Comic Con, revealing that Michael Wincott, known for his role in The Crow film, would provide the voice for the character Death in the game.

However, it was later announced that Vigil Games decided to delay the release of Darksiders II to August 14th, 2012. The reason for the delay was to allow more time for polishing the game and ensuring it reaches its full potential, providing players with the best possible gaming experience.

Delays in game development are not uncommon, and developers often choose to take additional time to refine their projects to meet high-quality standards. Fans eagerly awaiting the release of Darksiders II would undoubtedly appreciate the dedication to delivering a polished and exceptional gaming experience.