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BTS K drama Begins Youth drops full trailer Striking resemblance to

BTS K-drama Begins Youth drops full trailer: Striking resemblance to V, Jungkook | Web Series

The highly anticipated K-drama Begins Youth, originally titled YOUTH, finally unveils its full trailer, much to the excitement of fans. Initially planned for a 2020 release, then delayed to November 2023, the drama is now confirmed to premiere this year. But what truly sets the show apart is its characters’ uncanny resemblance to the members of BTS – Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, and V. This striking similarity has left fans buzzing, eager to see how the drama unfolds and whether it pays homage to the global K-pop sensation.

BTS K-Drama begins youth(Official trailer, Bighit)
BTS K-Drama begins youth(Official trailer, Bighit)

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BTS K-drama Begins Youth trailer out

The BTS Universe (BU) is a sprawling fictional story that is inspired by interconnected music videos and short films by BTS created by HYBE and BigHit Music. It began with the Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa series and grew into a big story about time travel and friendship. It’s not just in videos – there are games, webtoons, and now a drama called Begins Youth.

Meet the seven

Hwan, Cein, Hosu, Dogeon, Haru, Jooan, and Jeha are playing the parts of OT7 in this new K-drama. The trailer for Begins Youth introduces these friends through individual scenes, each paired with a keyword hinting at their personal challenges: “Sacrifice,” “Rumor,” “Interest,” “Poverty,” “Memory,” “Violence,” and “Remarriage.

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BTS K-drama release date

The official release date for the BTS Universe-inspired show is still pending. However, current trends and statements from the creators indicate that the show might be released on an OTT platform in 2024.

During a press conference, Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of HYBE and someone who closely witnessed BTS’s journey to the top, shared his insights on this K-drama. “We are working with a famous Korean drama production company to produce a drama where the theme is based off of BTS’s outlook of the world, and the drama is expected to be revealed soon.”

Begins Youth Plot

According to My Drama List, seven boys confront challenges involving family burdens, loss, and societal struggles. Newcomer Kim Hwan, shaped by his past, joins them on a journey where they face societal challenges and navigate personal growth. Through these experiences, the boys build an unbreakable bond, showcasing that friendship has the power to overcome all obstacles.

BTS K-drama cast

  • Seo Ji Hoon as Kim Hwan (Kim Seok Jin)
  • Ro Jong Hyun as Cein (Min Yoon Gi or SUGA)
  • Ahn Jo Ho as Hosu (Jung Ho Seok or J-Hope)
  • Seo Young Joo as Dogeon (Kim Nam Joon or RM)
  • Kim Yoon Woo as Haru (Park Jimin)
  • Jung Woo Jin as Jooan (Kim Tae Hyung or V)
  • Jeon Jin Seo as Jeha (Jeon Jungkook)

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