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Amit Sadh I bring a lot of animal study into

Amit Sadh: I bring a lot of animal study into my acting | Web Series

Amit Sadh is back with yet another web series and this time, he is playing a grey character in Duranga season 2. The actor, who made his film debut with Kai Po Che, is happy with the projects he’s been getting in the OTT space and doesn’t consider doing films as the only validation. He also has no apprehensions about moving to the other side to play characters which are not as righteous as his characters in Avrodh and Breathe. Also read: Gulshan Devaiah on turning down roles that don’t interest him: ‘I get calls from the South but…’

Amit Sadh in a still from Duranga 2 trailer.
Amit Sadh in a still from Duranga 2 trailer.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Amit Sadh opens up about Duranga 2 and playing a character who wakes up after 14 years of being in coma. He also shares his process of polishing his craft of acting and more. Excerpts:

There was a glimpse of you in the first season. What can we expect from the second season?

Definitely more than a glimpse. My character wakes up in this season and then there’s this whole play of emotions, turmoil, him seeking his identity back. He has this childlikeness to himself. There’s no control of emotions. There are also some morals and principles that hold us back but because of the way he is and his upbringing, there’s no inhibition.

What was interesting was to understand someone who’s been in a coma for 14 years, when that person wakes up, what would his body language be like. That’s my contribution to the script and I think that’s the reason they got me because they know I kind of will bring something to the picture. When I read the script of Duranga 2, it came to my mind that if he’s been on the bed for 14 years, his spine will be very weak, so I made him into a C-spine human. I’ve used a lot of my imagination. Also, it’s an entertaining show, not a tribute to medical science. I also have to compliment the creative team of ZEE5 and Goldie Bhel and writer Charudutt Acharya. The whole credit goes to them. Of course, it’s my job as an actor to kind of spice things up which I’ve tried doing so.

I bring a lot of animal study into my acting into my characterization, that’s why I’m very different in every film. I just change and that I think is my USP. Words have an effect on me, if I read a word, I’ll write. In fact, my whole wall is written with something, my diaries are full.

What challenges did you face while filming for Durang 2?

I’m trying to take this word out of my life- challenging. I was looking forward to doing a character which is inhibited and I could go all out. Duranga 2 is almost like a Korean opener with red and out there. When you’re filming, making a character, working on a story, the objective is to entertain, but when you’re right into the thick of things, at that time, you’re not thinking of entertainment, that’s the time we’re thinking about how can I just give this all as an actor. I made a choice and even while Goldie was writing, we kind of felt, let’s not hold back this character, let him have a journey. I’m a huge fan of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, Jack Nicholson’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I’ve seen these characters. I said I won’t do a character like this, so you create a world. What I like about season two is there’s a lot of twists and terms to a point where it kind of really confuses you and I think that’s a good part of a thriller, if it doesn’t answer all your questions.

So how is it to shoot with Gulshan Devaiah? It doesn’t happen everyday that two actors have the same character name.

That’s the meaning of Duranga. One of the strong points of season 2 is the face off between our characters, that’s one of the fun parts. I really hope people enjoy the whole identity crisis and the cat and mouse chase.

We have mostly seen you playing positive characters. So what are the pros and cons of playing a bad guy?

I’m at this stage as an actor where there’s no hero or anti hero. It’s a character. This is the first time I’m doing something like this and it excites me. This character is so complex.

You are doing good work in the OTT space. Are you still looking for better offers on the silver screen?

Interesting question. I don’t see films as better offers. I have been very blessed, I’ve got great parts in great films and great series. I can’t complain. Breathe’s three seasons, Jeet Ki Zid, Avrodh, Barot House. I have two movies coming out. I just had a short film Ghuspaith which is doing so well. It is overwhelming, comforting that if you chase your heart and try to tell good stories, I think I will keep getting good films. What matters is a good story and good people. I’m satisfied, I’m happy and I will keep working hard, telling better stories and keep all of you proud.

You had participated in the first season of Bigg Boss. Will you be open to go back to the Bigg Boss house?

First of all, I never look back. But never say never. Its very difficult to cage this tiger now.

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