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Amit Bhadana talks about the success of his web series

Amit Bhadana talks about the success of his web series debut SSC | Web Series

YouTuber Amit Bhadana gained attention on social media for his recently concluded series SSC. Released on YouTube, the show focuses on the harsh reality of those preparing for the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exam in India. Amit told Hindustan Times, the idea struck him after he failed the SSC exam.

Amit Bhadana released his web series SSC, streaming on YouTube.
Amit Bhadana released his web series SSC, streaming on YouTube.

In an interview, Amit said, “I had appeared for SSC, but I failed. Hence, I wanted to create content around it to create an impact in society.” SSC is written, directed and backed by Amit.

He revealed how he ensured every detail for his first web series. “I tried keeping everything real. I grew my beard for one year. I lost 23 kg weight for my character,” Amit plays a student who struggles to clear the examination amid financial and family problems. Later, he turned into a teacher to help those in need of tuition classes for SSC.

Does that mean SSC is inspired by Amit Bhadana’s life? He denied. “It’s all about observation; what I have seen around me. I have noticed how people suffer from anxiety and depression when they cannot fulfil their parents’ expectations. The family struggle as shown in the series is somehow a lot like my own. The family starts putting pressure on him from a young age, which is not wrong. Everything is based on observation, research and practice.”

“Life is a struggle, full of ups and downs. My biggest struggle happened after the death of my father at a young age. I was 5. After his death, I had to fight poverty. I knew I had responsibilities such as my sister’s marriage. After graduation, I started studying law. All of a sudden I switched my career and started making videos on YouTube in 2017. I started it as a daily dose of fun and entertainment,” he recalled his struggle.

He went on to narrate how in those days, being a YouTuber was not seen as a permanent stint. He shared his family’s reaction to his online career. “Initially they didn’t understand. I had to face a lot of problems. They did not support me that much, to be honest. It wasn’t like they didn’t want to see me successful but they were disappointed. They wanted a government job for me because it’s a safe-secure,” he laughed.

Talking about changing times, he added, “Now my family feels good about my career. They love me even more today. Their doubt has reduced. They think ‘Mere ladke me kuch baat hai (our son has something unique about him)’. But, they would still say ‘Look for vacancies in Bank’.”

Amit Bhadana shares a close equation with Yo Yo Honey Singh who unveiled the trailer of SSC. Amit praised his friend, “I have known Paji since 2019. He is one of the finest rapper, singer and producer. I have been listening to his songs since my childhood. I really like him because he is real, desi and positive. He tasted success but he also had to face a lot due to his health problems. I know him very well.”

SSC wrapped up with the premiere of its last episode on October 28. Neither denying nor confirming, Amit dropped hints about a potential season 2. “I have something written but I haven’t finalised anything yet. Definitely, I will put something out, even if not season 2,” he signed out.

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