Monday, July 22

Amazon Has a Ridiculously Good Peloton Bike Sale for Prime Bid Deal Days

Peloton’s Bike and Bike+ are on sale today for Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days, at prices even better than during Prime Days back in July. The original Bike is nearly 25% off, and the upgraded Bike+ is 20% off.

Of the two models, Peloton’s Bike is the classic, and it’s $350 cheaper than list price today. While I can’t predict the future, I have a strong feeling this is the cheapest the Bike is going to be this year. Today’s $1,095 price tag is cheaper than Prime Day, and cheaper than last year’s Black Friday sale. It’s even cheaper than the $1,145 price for refurbished bikes. You’re unlikely to be able to beat today’s deal unless you’re buying used.

The Bike is a solidly built spin bike with a big touchscreen on which you can play classes with the platform’s instructors/motivational speakers or experience the “other” rides: scenic routes, a video game that you play by adjusting your resistance knob, and the still-in-beta Entertainment feature that may allow you to watch Netflix while you exercise.

You’ll need a $44/month “All Access” membership to use the Bike’s features, so keep that in mind when budgeting. Amazon offers free “inside entryway” delivery when you order a Peloton Bike or Bike+.

The Bike+ is also on a steep discount—it’s not often you see the price of this model with a 1 as the first digit. This model is a full $500 off its regular price, or about 20% off.

The Bike+ has everything the Bike has, plus resistance that automatically adjusts when you’re following along with a class. The touchscreen is also on a swivel, the better to do yoga and strength classes on the floor next to your Bike+.

As with the Bike, you’ll need that $44/month All Access membership, and Amazon offers free “inside entryway” delivery when you order from them.

If you’re going to get a spin bike, you really should get shoes and cleats to go with it. Any Delta LOOK-compatible shoes will do, but both models of Peloton’s own branded shoes are on sale today:

(Note: the sale price doesn’t show up on the product page until you select a size.)

Besides the shoes, a bunch of other Peloton accessories are on sale, including dumbbells, yoga mats, and yoga blocks. The strength training tracker they call the Guide is also on sale for over 50% off, at just $95.

You can check out all the Prime Big Deal Days Peloton offers here.

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