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All of Us Are Dead season 2 finally gets a

All of Us Are Dead season 2 finally gets a 2024 Netflix release window | Web Series

All of Us Are Dead, the widely acclaimed post-apocalyptic Zombie K-drama on Netflix is set to return sooner than expected, bringing joy to fans who have patiently awaited its comeback for nearly two years. The release window for Season 2 has been unveiled, courtesy of recently updated agency information. After the tremendous success of Season 1, the official green light for Season 2 of the show came in June 2022. However, since then, details regarding the production and the star cast have been closely guarded secrets. Here is everything to know about season 2 ofAll of Us Are Dead.

A scene from All of Us Are Dead
A scene from All of Us Are Dead

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All of Us Are Dead season 2 release window

While Netflix has not officially confirmed it in their recent press release provided to shareholders, which prominently highlighted other eagerly awaited shows like Squid Game, a subtle clue about the second season of All of Us Are Dead emerged. This hint was dropped when the agency of one of the cast members, BH Entertainment, revealed the release window. The excitement was sparked by an Instagram post featuring the series star, Park Ji-hu. Within the post, the talent group announced All of Us Are Dead Season 2 as a key component of Park’s “2024 lineup.”

All of Us Are Dead season 2 production details

The show was initially expected to start production in the first quarter of 2024, and fans were eagerly anticipating behind-the-scenes glimpses and updates from the star. However, that anticipation was met with disappointment as no such content was shared. According to insider information, filming may continue throughout the “first half of 2024.” If shooting concludes by June 2024 and the post-production schedule is followed closely by Season 1, fans may see the return of the show in early 2025. However, BH Entertainment’s statement raises the prospect of a return for the show before the year ends, with a potential Netflix release date in late 2024.

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All of Us Are Dead season 2 cast

In the first season of the show, the cast members included:Lee Eun Saem portrayed Mi Jin, Ham Sung Min played Gyeong Su, Im Jae Hyuk took on the role of Dae Su, Yoo In Soo appeared as Gwi Nam, and Lee Kyuhyung as Jae Ik, among others in the show. While Park Ji Hu’s role as Onjo has been confirmed, the complete cast lineup for Season 2 has not been officially disclosed yet.

All of Us Are Dead season 2 plot

While the second season’s plot has not yet been revealed, Netflix has provided an overview of what to expect.”The story itself was set with Season 2 in mind, so if Season 2 comes out, it might be a little more interesting and expanded story. If Season 1 was a survival period for humans, there is a sense of humor, but Season 2 feels like it will be a survival period for zombies.”

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